My name, Karin, was pretty common when I was growing up...just not the spelling. Unless you are of German heritage like I am. So, I have spent my entire life answering the question, "What is your name"?... With, "Karin...with an "i"! Who knew it would come in handy all these years later when I went to name my blog.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thanks and Celebrate


This is a quickie post of some thank you and Happy New Year cards I made to send out. They are pretty much the same as the card I made in this post here. I liked them so much then, I decided to make them once again for other people.

Hope 2010 turns out to be a great year for everyone!


Mandy said...

Happy New year to you & your family.Hope you had a great tme during the christmas break.
Love the cards & must post my latest things on my blog.
best wishes
Mandy xox

IamDerby said...

This is gorgeous karin with an i ! Its so intricate.
From, Michele with one L

Nerina said...

OH WOW!! I looooooooooooove these! The shimmer and eyelet in the centre are brilliant. I really love how striking this medallion design is - tempered with the slightly imperfect/arty typed sentiment. Gorgeous!

Heidi said...

Wow!!!! These are stunning! No wonder you made more!!

Abi Bundy said...

I love this stamp! gorgeous cards

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