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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nontraditional Birthday Cards

Hi Everyone,

I have quite a few birthdays coming up, so I spent some time stamping in anticipation of what I will need to send out. Since my list was lengthy, I decided to keep all my cards fairly simple, so here are a couple for my share today on the blog using stamps from DRS Designs.

This first one is for my father, obviously. I used the negative part from a heart die cut, and sponged with some ink to create the heart that matched the card base. I then used my stamp positioner and inked up just a portion of the Father's Day Greeting and stamped that right on top. I added the dad using some die cut letters and will simply stamp a happy birthday on the inside. It's a good change from the golf themed ones I've made for him since I began stamping...lol!  And don't tell my husband, but I really like this sentiment, so may be using this card idea for his valentine next year ;)

This next one is for my cousin. Since he's a biker, I thought he might appreciate a card made using the Biker's Prayer. I used the same concept as on the card above, stamping the sentiment and layering the Motorcycle image on top of each other.
I know they're nontraditional birthday cards, but I think the fact that they're personalized makes them special :)

Thanks for looking in today!

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