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Friday, October 23, 2009

A Few San Diego Vacation Pics!

Hi Everyone,

This is my second post for today, but if you are here to see a crafty project or a card, you'll have to scroll down a bit. I was going to post most of my pictures on Facebook, but a lot of people I know aren't on Facebook, so I have to put some here as well. This is just a sample of a few days...Temecula is southern California's Wine Country. I was not sorry we made the trip there, it was beautiful. These first pictures are from Temecula's Old Town...
Outside a gift shop,

Lots of Day of the Dead paraphernalia to buy...(Love the colors!)

And the beautiful vineyards...I never thought it would be so lovely after being in Napa Valley a few years ago,

but it didn't disappoint.


Of course a few photos from the zoo,

Our elephant exhibit is getting a complete redo here at the Cleveland Zoo, so it is closed for a couple of years. This just opened this summer, so it is brand new!

I never thought that this would be my favorite animal (I thought it would be the Panda, since they are rare and not at too many zoo's in the U.S.), but it was a funny little critter....


They were so animated and running all around. Each one seemed to have a little personality all their own and were cracking me up!

I wish that I had watched Meercat Manor when it was on cable as a show...

After scampering on all fours to get where they wanna go, they stand up on two legs like a person! Too cute!

This day we drove out to Oceanside and walked the pier. It was soooo long and there is a Ruby's diner at the end of it...Looks like you are dining in the middle of the ocean! That's Rod and Frank in the foreground and you probably can't see to the end of the pier...That's how long it is!


And the surfer dudes....

Thanks for taking the time to visit, and I will post new series of photos when I get the chance!

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