My name, Karin, was pretty common when I was growing up...just not the spelling. Unless you are of German heritage like I am. So, I have spent my entire life answering the question, "What is your name"?... With, "Karin...with an "i"! Who knew it would come in handy all these years later when I went to name my blog.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Savings Alert

Hi Everyone!

No card from me today. I had a busy day yesterday just trying to get some things accomplished while the weather was good. The thing I'm most excited about...I finally got one of our cars washed...LOL! I will not post how long it's been since the last scrubbing...Much too embarrassing :( I hang my head in shame. My uber clean ancestors would disown me if they knew. Somewhere along the way, the super duper cleanliness gene got lost or watered down when it came to me. I do not ad hear to the "cleanliness is next to Godliness", I come from the school of , "Eh, it's good enough." I know, I'll just blame it all on stamping! It is, after all, a huge time sucker.

So, with that said, I'm here with a little enabling. Lindsay's Stamp Stuff is having a sale! Today through Sunday, everything in her store at My Grafico is 30% off! If you have ever wanted to try your hand at digital stamps, now is the time. Or, if you love digi stamping, now is the time to stock up!

Lindsay has a lot to choose from, and many sets are versatile. Lots of bang for your buck. Along with stamps, she also has digital papers and cut files for those who are interested in that. I will let you in on another little piece of information too. If you go to Lindsay's Stamp Stuff, there is a St. Patrick's Day stamp FREEBIE there!

You might want to stop by her personal blog today. Lindsay and her Thursday design team always have great eye candy!

Be sure to stop by my blog tomorrow too...It's Blog Hop day at My Grafico, and I will be showing off a card I made with Lindsay's Stamp Stuff. Specifically an image from the set Funky Forest.

Don't miss the fun!


Lindsay Weirich said...

I will surely be back tomorrow:)

TannyP said...

All of your awesome stuff makes me think I'm going to leave Lindsay's broke... =(

Oh well! =)

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