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Saturday, October 2, 2010

By Invitation Only

Hi Everyone!

DRS Designs is running a fantastic new contest.  Do you know someone with mad, card making skillz?  Then nominate them for this contest!  All the details are below...

"By Invitation Only"

Is a new stamping contest

that's won before a

card is ever stamped!

But, as the name implies

you have to be invited to play.

How, you ask?? It's simple!

We all have stamping friends

that impress us with every card

they make. It's your job to

nominate them!! Email us the link

to their blog, website or gallery

and we'll check them out

and see if we agree with you!!

If we do, we'll invite them

to choose 1 to 3 unmounted

stamps from the online collection.

To complete the contest,

they will stamp a card using

the chosen designs, post it to

their blog or gallery and send

Once our invitation is accepted

they will receive a cool

blinkie for their blog and

they'll also be qualified for our

Sunday Stamper blog post on the DRS Designs Blog,

where we'll feature one

outstanding card every week!


spread the word....

search the blogs.....

and send your nominations to:


pinky said...

Sounds exciting and interesting! Will keep my eyes peeled. Is it open worldwide Karin?

Taylor said...

what a fun contest!

Gina said...

Sounds pretty fun!

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