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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

From Our House to Yours

Hi Everyone,
Now that the Easter holiday is behind us, I really feel like spring is finally here, and that means warmer sunny days for sure :)
This card today just makes me think of sunshine filled days outside. While real bees are crazy around the end of summer time in August, this Bitsy Bumble Bee from DRS Designs on my card is nothing but sweet!
While I would like to say this card was all planned out, it's really made up of pieces parts from a failed card attempt. I smeared on my first image panel that contained the Beehive, Bee and From Our House to Yours greeting, so I ended up cutting them up separately.
I originally had the card going horizontally, but somehow the placement of my Honeycomb border (that I already glued down!) on this new one, wasn't working with my hive, so by default it became vertical.
After getting the pieces in a place that made me happy, I added the little Bee Trails along with some twine and a button embellishment.
I've heard that stamping mess ups, are just a chance for embellishment, so I would have to agree. Don't trash your mistakes people! Be creative :)
Thanks for visiting!


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