My name, Karin, was pretty common when I was growing up...just not the spelling. Unless you are of German heritage like I am. So, I have spent my entire life answering the question, "What is your name"?... With, "Karin...with an "i"! Who knew it would come in handy all these years later when I went to name my blog.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Grateful It's Friday


It's almost the weekend...yipee! When I worked "retail " awhile ago, I always said I missed that Friday feeling. I never worked M-F, so I didn't get that feeling of a two day break. If I did have the weekend off, (very rarely) the store was open, and as the manager, I was waiting for some dreadful call. LOL! Don't get me started on the holiday rush; I could tell you stories...

Well, this is another of my " Make-n-Takes " which was designed by Joy. I love that watercolor paper along the scalloped edge, don't you? So soft and pretty. Well, I hope you have a restful weekend...Since things are gearing up for the holidays, there won't be many more quiet ones for awhile. Unless you are one of those super organized types...Is that you? If it is, share some secrets with everyone in the comments!

Details-Stamps: Stampin' Up!, all other products are unknown.


Jackie said...

Beautiful card Karin...tfs!!!

Gina said...

Very pretty! I am a list maker so I make lists for everything and keep them handy!

Jessy said...

This is really soft and pretty card!! Love the ribbon and the colors. :-)

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