My name, Karin, was pretty common when I was growing up...just not the spelling. Unless you are of German heritage like I am. So, I have spent my entire life answering the question, "What is your name"?... With, "Karin...with an "i"! Who knew it would come in handy all these years later when I went to name my blog.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Music Saves My Soul & Winning Developments

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday my friend Cheryl emailed me to let me know that Music Saves My Soul Saturday on Marcea's Blog is back.  Yay!  Since I'm thrilled to have it back, I'm posting 2 songs.

This first one is in honor of the Christmas holiday and since it's a Flash Mob thing, I can feel all trendy posting it. My friend Kim, (real life friend with no blog, hence no link to her ;) had it on her Facebook page, so I'm sure most folks have seen it.  It's still cool though.  I wish I could witness one in person.

This next one is in honor of my friends, both real life and blog land too.  It's a Morrisey song, Hold On to Your Friends.  Sorry their really is no video, I chose sound quality over grainy concert footage.  Anyway, love ya friends!

What else is happening I hear you ask... Well...

Isn't this the cutest badge?

Did you happen to see this post over at the Amber Inklings Blog? No? What about this post? No.

Well, go there. Now.

OMGosh, I can't believe these are going to be a reality!!! Crazy excited am I :)

Would you like your stamping dreams to come true?

If you start wrapping and enter AmberINK's INKcredible 21 Day Challenge, they just might!

Thanks for popping by and have a great weekend!


Cheryl said...

Arrgghh! Blogger ate the comment I just tried to leave so hear we go again.

I think it is funny that we both picked 2 songs this week. Great minds and all that.

I love the flash mob video. Did you hear the This American Life podcast about a group in NY that organizes these things? It was really good. I tried to find the link for you but I just couldn't find it in their library.

I LOVE Morrissey! Great pick!

PS. No, I didn't see Florence on SNL. Hate to admit it but I am usually in bed by then.

Sandie said...

Great song Karin.. I love Morrissey!! The food hall choir was just brilliant too :)

Karin said...

Hello Karin,
That video gave me goosebumps. What a surprise that must have been for those customers. I liked to have been one of them.
Thanks for sharing that video.
Greetings from Belgium

Pam said...

What a wonderful start to my Sunday morning Karin! I can't imagine what it would feel like to be sitting in a food court and have the crowd come to life with the Allelujah Chorus. I LOVE stuff like that! And you're such a sweet pea for the AmberInk nod too!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! I love the flash mob ;o)
Morrissey.... beautiful xx

Cheryl said...

I actually just read your post that goes with the videos. (Yes, I'm doing things backwards, or something.) Any way, I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the posts you linked to also. You got some great ideas GF.

Emily Leiphart said...

Your new set for Amber Ink is going to be SOOO great! I can't wait!

Ren-Yi said...

very awesome. love the flashmob video. and the other song is great too. tfs.

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