My name, Karin, was pretty common when I was growing up...just not the spelling. Unless you are of German heritage like I am. So, I have spent my entire life answering the question, "What is your name"?... With, "Karin...with an "i"! Who knew it would come in handy all these years later when I went to name my blog.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Serene Sunset

Are you familiar with Michelle Zindorf??? She doesn't know me, (and I really only know her cards) but I feel like I know her because I adore her blog. She has this fab, unique style all her own. She is a true artist, using a brayer and post-it notes to create these lavish sunsets and nature scenes. Really, really amazing stuff. This is a small, humble tribute to her wonderful work...If you have time, google her and see her gorgeous cards.

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